J&R Studio: Providing Excellent Music Copyright Services For Lifetime


J&R Studio welcomes you to the secure digitalization of music!

With greatly varied copyright laws and customs, it is quite difficult for songwriters and lyricists to have proper digital music protection over their musical innovations. We do not create music, but would help you secure the Intellectual Property of your musical pieces with greater convenience.

As a dedicated music copyright organization, we provide online verification of your registered copyright with us, so that you can concentrate solely on creating music.

With an enriching background in the music industry, the music copyright services rendered by the experts of J&R Studio, aim to provide both legal security, and peace of mind to the musicians, songwriters and lyricists all across the globe. As a leading music streaming protection company, we make use of effective techniques to prevent digital music copyright infringement, which may occur through the duplication, or unauthorized use of musical pieces without the permission from the copyright holders.

By offering copyright protection for your creative work, we not only safeguard the Intellectual Property of your musical genius, but also inspire further progress of the musical art.


What Makes Us Different?

  • Unlike other music privacy prevention companies, we value your hard-earned money, and do not overcharge you for offering protection to your songs or musical pieces.
  • We won’t charge you any percentage of money for the increasing popularity of your songs. Also, we do not claim any right over your songs that are registered under our digital music protection archives.
  • Through our secure technological methods, we offer the best music industry protection by providing excellent music copyright services, and decreasing the chances of lawsuits over any copyright ownership dispute.
  • We always keep systematic and well-documented track records of the musical work of every artist associated with us, which helps us provide better music privacy prevention, and deliver expected outcomes.


How Secure Is your Data with Us?

  • Our website is secured with an integrated IT management system which protects the confidentiality of any data.
  • Only registered and authorized companies are allowed access to our website, which significantly reduces the risk of any third-party intervention.


What You Need to Do After the Registration

Here, at J&R Studios, we take the privacy of your songs and musical pieces very seriously, and intend to keep updating our database for maximizing copyright protection. After the registration, companies need to put forward an informational report every Friday, which would be displayed in public for general convenience. The report must include the following:

  • A list of all songs produced by the companies
  • Relevant downloads/uploads/sales/streams information.
  • The procedure of studio payments.
  • The frequency of each song being played on their selected platforms

We, at J&R Studio, strongly believe in building long-term relationships with our clients by providing expert music copyright services. We take all necessary steps to ensure that our valuable clients receive first rate music industry protection. If you want to secure your musical piece of art, and are looking for a lifelong music copyright protection, feel free to contact us, and see how we can serve you better.